Friday, 8 February 2013

ALAW 2013 - the best laid plans....

After my enthusiastic start, I have found it difficult to find time to co-ordinate making Illustrator files and booking time in the laser cutting suite at UWE.  Once I got my session, it took a lot of time to re-jig my Illustrator files and set up the machine, so that I wasn't able to cut as many letters as planned.  However, I did get some results - two sheets of italic letters, cut and etched into thinnish black/white board, and a second set etched into rather thick grey-board.

 I haven't yet had time to try printing with these.  And I have realised that the etched versions will be no use for intaglio printing, as they will come out in reverse - so I need to re-do the Illustrator files for these with reversed images.  Which may all take some time, and more booking of the laser suite.